Hybrid Discs Suppliers In Dubai

The design of the new Hybrid Flap Disc features a double row of mixed abrasive cloth on a flexible and strong fiberglass base. The use of a blend of 60g material on the bottom layer and 40g material on the top layer results in 20% better performance and a 20% longer life span than a regular flap disc, according to extensive R&D and subsequent product testing.

Compared to a regular grinding wheel, the hybrid disc is more aggressive. The durability of a grinding wheel and the speedy material removal of a resin fiber disc are combined in this innovative product design. The superior ergonomic modified design offers more disc contact area on the work surface than competitors, making it the perfect choice when speed, safety, and material removal are your main priorities. 70% less weight than a typical grinding wheel. Because of the lightweight design's reduced vibration, grinding is improved, and operator fatigue is decreased.

In comparison to conventional products, this abrasive delivers an exceptional removal rate and a much longer lifetime. The top-coated additives allow for cool grinding and lessen tool surface discoloration. For difficult grinding work on steel and stainless steel, use sturdy polyester cloth. especially well suited for edge grinding.

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