Nonwoven Cleaning Disc Suppliers In Dubai

At Aatco Dubai, we offer a wide variety of sanding discs for deburring, cleaning, grinding, blending, and mainly smooth finishing. Nonwoven cleaning discs are used in different industrial operations for cleaning. Various industries such as chemical, food industries, automotive, and railway industries, aeronautical industries, stainless steel furniture, structural works, etc. make use of these cleaning discs. They are mostly used on work surfaces including

-Stainless Steel

-Standard Steel

-Alloyed Steel

-Nonferrous Metals and Alloys



These discs are considered ideal for the removal of oxide, rust & coating, root finishing of titanium turbine blades, cleaning castings and molds, finishing stainless steel cutlery, and so on. If you are in search of authentic nonwoven cleaning disc suppliers in dubai, contact us at Aatco Dubai.