Side Mounting Plate For Unmounted Flap Wheels

Our flexible side mounting plate for unmounted flap wheels is compatible with polishers, orbital sanders, and other sanding and polishing machinery. This attached plate safeguards your equipment and increases the sanding pad's longevity. 

It features different numbers of threads, different sizes, and different materials. it is important to mention here that it has a universal standard size of 6" x 5/16" with 24 threads. For carpentry, buffing, or sand-grinder operations, it fits the majority of air sanders. This mounted plate can operate at 10,000 rpm.  To enable mounting and removing the device from each plate is very simple, a hook-and-loop fastener is included. You may use your sanding tool with confidence with this hook-and-loop pad thanks to its strong grip. This backing plate pad has a special tapered edge and 29-degree adaptability for angular detailing on curved surfaces.

Polyurethane is used in the manufacturing of our sander backing pad. Place the rigid mounting plate with the rounded side towards your sander in order to attach the device. 

Place your preferred plate on top of the backer, then use the hook-and-loop mechanism to secure the backer into your tool. If you are looking for side mounting plates of any size, Aatco Dubai is your one-shop stop. Visit our store or our website to get the product you need.