Spiral Bands Suppliers In Dubai

Spiral Band's spiral design provides the ability to roll over flat surfaces and shapes with ease, making it the finest choice for polishing and blending them. As you move the circular band around the workpiece, it rotates centrifugally. The abrasive is tiny enough to fit conveniently within spaces that are difficult to access. Spiral Band is excellent for eliminating parting lines, minute flaws, and tiny burrs that would be challenging to eliminate with a bigger abrasive disc or wheel.

The spiral design of the spiral Band gets rid of noise and shadow markings. Depending on how severe of a scratch you want, you can choose the proper grade for your project from grit ranges of 24 to 320. While finer grades, like 320, are useful for metal finishing and polishing, coarser grades, like 24, are good for heavy stock removal.

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