Twinpower Disc Supplier In Dubai

A grinding disc that may be used on both sides is called a twin power disc. But that's not all; this tool also has three cooling and viewing windows, which let you see the workpiece while the disc is spinning.

Twinpower discs due to their incredibly thin form can be used for a wide range of tasks, including finishing inside grooves or channels, preparing edges for welding, and finishing edges using the disc's top. It is Incredibly Flexible! Its design minimizes the possibility of discoloration while dissipating heat and allowing the operator to see the work surface. Due to its incredibly lightweight design and absence of a supporting cushion, it is easier to control and causes less operator fatigue. The design is incredibly sturdy and allows for an outstanding rate of stock removal. Accessible places such as the inside of channels, rails, and the bottom of surfaces can be reached because of its thin design. The operator can securely grind with both surfaces while using abrasive on both sides without altering position or direction. Twin power disc offers aggressive cutting along with blending and finishing capabilities. An aggressive cut and long product life are provided by the distinctive open web architecture, which resists stress on both flat surfaces and edges.

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