Annular Cutter Suppliers In Dubai

Aatco General Trading LLC annular cutter suppliers in Dubai provide annular cutters for all applications, so you don't have to worry about finding the right one. Hougen offers a solution for any problem, whether it involves thin sheet metal or thick plate materials. The annular cutters manufactured by Aatco are compatible with magnetic drills, hand-held drills, and machine tool applications. Even bespoke annular cutters, tailored to your precise requirements, can be crafted by Hougen. Annular cutters are designed to be installed in magnetic-base drills, drill presses, and milling machines to produce burr-free, smooth-walled holes in a single pass. Compared to typical twist drill bits, they consume less power, generate less torque, make fewer chips, and can drill to more precise tolerances. In addition, predrilling or step drilling is not necessary with them. Annular cutters have a solid slug in the center of the hole that they drill because they have a hollow core surrounded by teeth that cut through the perimeter of the hole during drilling. In addition, they have flutes that remove chips from the hole as they drill and a pilot pin that aligns the cutters and lets coolant flow to the tip of the cutters as they twist drill. When working with drill presses and milling machines, the use of annular cutters necessitates the utilization of arbor adapters. We are annular cutter suppliers in Dubai and provide all accessories for wide range of application.