Bandsaw Blade Suppliers In Dubai

Aatco General Trading LLC is the most trusted bandsaw blade supplier in Dubai, bringing you premium brands for various applications. Raw or toothed steel coils can be selected when purchasing bandsaw blades in coil form. We can create bandsaw blades to standard lengths or lengths that meet multiple numbers of dimensions of your blades, depending on your preferences. Bandsaw blades for wood are made from special steel because it has been developed specifically for this purpose. It is manufactured using an extremely pure ore, and the production process meets stringent technical specifications. Controlled at every stage of manufacturing, including a thorough final inspection, as well as the quality of the casting itself, ensuring the product is of the highest possible standard of quality. The controls range from warm to cold rolling through multiple hardening and annealing operations. Because of its ductility and hardness, it may be set or swaged and is compatible with all kinds of band saw blades designed for cutting oil. Its excellent resistance to wear makes it possible to achieve a higher cutting strength. Because of the high impact line has enough elasticity to prevent cracks from appearing in the tooth gullet. Because of its flawless shine, bright surface, flatness, and straightness, servicing is simple and will last long.