Best Precision Tools and their uses

Published Date: 16-05-2022

The use of the high-quality precision tool is growing by the day. Instead of using conventional gadgets or manual work, many opt to use precision tools sourced through compact size tool set suppliers in dubai. These tools are not just highly-effective but also easy to carry and handy due to their compact size and nature. There are many precision tools that are used in various industries as well as domestically for various purposes.


A screwdriver is a basic tool that is used for driving screws. Traditionally, it is a manual tool but some companies offer electrical screwdrivers as well in order to achieve more precision in a short time. There are different screwdriver brands and types such as ESD, VDE, and others that present screwdrivers in different shapes and sizes to make them fit to be used for different purposes.

Cutter Pliers

Pliers are used mainly to cut wires and cables. They are supposed to be strong tools with the ability to hold and cut wires and cables of different nature. It may sound like an easy job to do but cutting a wire requires precision without leaving scrapes and rough edges. This is the reason why the use of special pliers such as volt side pliers is in great demand across industries.


Drills are another tool that is used widely. It is used to drill holes in different surfaces for varying purposes. you can find different sorts of high-powered electric and cordless drills that are capable of drilling holes in most stubborn surfaces. The efficiency of the drill is also subject to its sharp edge or chunk called a shank that is empowered to drill the hole. You can also find different types of sharp and powerful shanks to get the job done easily.


Holesaw is a tool that is used to cut holes with a large diameter. Without damaging or cutting the core material, the tool efficiently creates a hole in the designated workpiece. Attached to a power drill, a hole saw is considered an ideal tool for plumbing jobs in order to cut perfectly round holes to fit pipelines and joints.

Steel Taps

Steel taps are used in various maintenance jobs to repair and create new threads. Also known as hand taps or flute taps, these taps are used in blind holes to create internal threads. You can choose between either using carbon steel taps or hss steel taps to achieve more finesse and quality in your work.

There are numerous other compact tools available. You can visit any of the renowned compact size tool set suppliers in Dubai like Aatco to get your hands on the precision tools most suitable for your needs.