Dispelling Misconceptions About Pliers

Published Date: 30-06-2022

Practically every tool user, whether a professional or an enthusiast, uses pliers of varying varieties. Although there are numerous varieties and sizes, each of which is intended for a particular application, some pliers are versatile and may be used for a variety of tasks. You can get the plier of your choice for instance linesman pliers, cutting pliers, and screw extraction pliers from any of the best precision tools suppliers in your city.

There are numerous myths and misconceptions regarding pliers that are widely held, and these ideas can make using pliers less than safe. They may have an effect on how well your tools work. Here, we dispel the most popular myths about pliers.

Cutting pliers can be sharpened:

Possibly not. Many current cutting pliers are induction hardened at the factory, making them roughly as hard as the file you would use to sharpen them, unlike some older models that can be file-sharpened. Instead of cutting into the surface, the file will simply glide over it.

Linesman pliers should only be meant for cutting copper cable:

However, the truth is that heavy-duty lineman pliers, also known as electrician's pliers, offer great leverage and can cut small nails, staples, and even small bolts in addition to wire cable. Make sure the pliers you use for this have a rating from the manufacturer.

Pliers make a really good wrench:

Actually, no. Tongue-and-groove pliers are frequently used by plumbers for a wide range of tasks. However, a good rule of thumb is to use a wrench on any fitting that has a nut or hex head on it. If you must use pliers on a fitting, bolt, or nut with a hex shape, at the very least use a pair with a V-notch in the jaws to accommodate the hex form.

Ground wires can be crimped together using any strong plier:

The improper tools won't get the job done properly. A pair of pliers with an integrated crimping die is required. This is a feature that can be found on some side-cutting pliers as well as wire strippers. When holding the pliers by their handles, you will typically find them right next to the hinge.

Only copper cable is supposed to be cut with an electrician's pliers:

Again, both yes and no. The high-leverage version of these pliers, which are designed for heavy-duty use, is excellent for cutting tiny bolts, nails, and staples. You can find out what the tool is rated to cut from the manufacturer's description of the tool.

Pliers work well as a hammer:

There's an old saying that goes, "Screwdriver, not pliers, should be used as a hammer." But seriously, pounding can ruin even the most robust, large pliers. When you need to strike something, use a hammer.

The invention of pliers revolutionized the field of hand tools. Pliers come in a variety of models, brands, quality, and other attributes, and each one can help you with a certain task. Choose a plier based on your requirements, and make sure to use the best quality products from your preferred brand. All types of heavy-duty and lightweight pliers are available at Aatco Dubai. Your request can be satisfied whether you're looking for felo smart engineer tool set suppliers in Dubai or any other top brand.