Usages of Pliers in Daily Life

Published Date: 11-06-2022

Pliers are a necessary tool for both tradespeople and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. There is a plier for every task, from holding bolts, removing nails, and more to cutting and shaping wires. At Aatco, we offer pliers made by some of the most renowned tool manufacturers in the world. If you are searching for Felo water pump pliers or felo combination pliers here in UAE, your search ends at Aatco as it's the biggest felo smart engineer tool set suppliers in dubai.

Do you want to know what purpose pliers serve? We have an extensive guide to the most popular uses of the pliers. Let's begin.


Pliers are mostly used for gripping. They can be used for removing pins, nails, and other fasteners, as well as for losing or tightening bolts. The common utility pliers, also known as slip-joint pliers, have flat jaws with teeth for gripping small items and a spherical, toothed opening for gripping bigger objects like bolt heads and nuts. Many also feature a little portion shaped like a pair of scissors for cutting wire. Utility pliers operate in a similar manner, but tongue-and-groove pliers have lengthy handles and offset, or tilted, jaws for more leverage.

Bending or straightening

Pliers can be used to bend or straighten objects as well. The pliers' cross braces provide higher torque strength for bending and bending materials including sheet metal, nails, and wires. The kind of pliers you select will largely depend on the particular object you need to bend, as all pliers can assist in turning objects. Long-nosed or needle-nosed pliers make it easier for you to grasp little objects that could be out of your reach. Electricians frequently bend wire and cable with linesman pliers.


Some pliers can also be used to cut nails and wire. Wire cutters, also known as diagonal and side-cutting pliers, are primarily made for cutting and separating wires. Wire cutters are typically less suited to handling bigger items, such as bolts, due to the design of their jaws. However, they are still regarded as pliers since they work well to grasp and remove nails.

Cutting Insulation/Splicing Wire

Electricians connect wires and separate insulation with a range of specialized pliers. Linesman pliers are a common tool choice for this activity.

Though All-purpose pliers can be sufficient for some folks. But nothing compares to the satisfaction of finishing a task correctly the first time. For this reason, Aatco, one of the best precision tools suppliers here in Dubai, presents a wide variety of specialized tools that are created with particular functions in mind. You should take pride in your work whether you're a tradesperson, a DIY enthusiast, a home craftsperson, or you're just doing it for fun.