Carbon Steel Dies Suppliers In Dubai

Male screw threads also referred to as threading, are made using dies. Both cutting new threads and repairing broken threads can be done with dies. They have at least three cutting edges. Using a tool known as a DIES, external threads are created, such as those for bolts and studs. Different steels can be used to make dies, depending on their intended application. When used for low-temperature applications, carbon steel may be enough. Certain minimum levels of alloying elements are required for use at high temperatures. The most cost-effective re-threading tool available is carbon steel dies, which are typically used to cover up battered or rusted threads. This kind of die can be applied without the use of a particular holder. This tool can be driven by an adjustable wrench, an open-end or box-end wrench, or a suitable-sized socket. These dies are perfect for shop or field maintenance. Aatco is a well-known and established trader, distributor and carbon steel dies supplier in Dubai, which are highly sought after in many industries for interrupted cuts. Choose from our range of carbon steel dies, including those for mending and cutting external threads. Available in stock for immediate shipment.