8% Cobalt Drill Bits Suppliers In Dubai 

Different drill bit types are used to make holes in different sorts of materials. Black oxide drill bits are frequently used for plastics and carbon, while diamond drill bits are utilized for materials like glass and tile. Although they may be used for softer materials as well, cobalt drill bits are particularly effective at cutting through hard metals like stainless steel and cast iron. Cobalt drill bits aren't formed of pure cobalt; instead, they're an alloy of steel containing 5–8% cobalt. The 5% alloy is referred to as M35 grade, and the 8% alloy is M42. Cobalt strengthens the steel and increases its heat resistance, which is critical for drilling hard materials since metal-on-metal friction can result in high temperatures that can harm the drilling bit or the substance being drilled. A cobalt drill bit made by Bosch, for instance, can endure temperatures as high as 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Although cobalt drill bits are generally more expensive than other drill bits, they are an excellent investment if you frequently drill through metal because they have a longer lifespan. For your particular requirements, you can purchase either individual drill bits or sets of drill bits in varied sizes. Are you looking for cobalt drill bit suppliers in Dubai? Search no more!  As Aatco Dubai is your one-stop shop where you can find the latest precision tools of famous brands. Whether you look for screwdrivers from Felo or pliers from Wihu or Stanley visit Aatco.