1000 Volt Diagonal Nippers Suppliers In  Dubai

Cutting edges that have been inductively hardened are cut with diagonal nippers. For the finest wires, the pliers have a precision cutting edge. When cutting metal, the plier's diagonal lines allow it to produce a smooth line rather than a jagged one. Furthermore, because the pliers are offset, they can cut flat with a surface, eliminating any rough edges. These tools can produce delicate cuts in metal wire or plastic tubing, but if not used properly, they have been known to break. If you are looking for vde diagonal nippers suppliers in Dubai, Aatco is your one-stop shop. You'll find a variety of items with the specifications you require and the brand you desire. We have chromium-vanadium steel nippers that have passed the insulating 10000V high voltage test, have a working voltage of 1000V, and comply with the IEC60900 standard.