Felo E-Smart Screwdriver Set Suppliers In Dubai

The most renowned and reputable German brand, Felo, presented unmatchable precision tools that are highly popular among industries for their safe usage and flawless execution. The Felo e-smart toolset is specially designed to provide safety and security to electricians at work. The core advantage of using the Felo e-smart toolset is that they provide a quick solution without posing any threat to life. All products featured in the toolset have undergone multiple tests with 10.000 volts in a bid to offer safety for work up to 1.000 volts. All screwdrivers are certified by the authorities and speak highly of their credibility and efficiency. They are widely used in industries to finish challenging tasks around main power lines, circuits, breakers, cables, and so on. The toolset features 12 IEC exchangeable screwdriver blades along with a 2-component handle that is designed to fit and lock with the blades without causing unwanted extraction. If you are in search of felo e-smart screwdriver set suppliers in Dubai, look no further than us at Aatco. We are the leading and proud partner of Felo smart supplies in the region and offer 100% genuine Felo products at our stores. For more details and product specifications, feel free to reach out to us at Aatco Dubai.