Flagdrivers Suppliers In Dubai

Flagdrivers are a type of screwdriver in which the handle sits in the center of the blade rather than at the end in usual drivers. This unique placement of the handle gives them a flag-like look which is why they are commonly known as flag drivers. This unique placement is done intentionally by the makers to allow the drivers to work on a large surface area. The shape of the drivers helps exert high toque transfer on tiny screws to achieve precision and finesse. To get a dependable product, seek the best flagdrivers suppliers in Dubai,Aatco. 

At Aatco, we are leading the market by supplying the most dependable flag drivers to a number of industries. Most customers are in search of flag drivers are they are considered safe and ideal to work on oily fields such as garage work and automotive jobs. The precision tool helps the user achieve complete control over the tool and exert the right amount of pressure without dislocations. If you are in search of flag drivers, reach out to us at Aatco. There are different varieties available of flag drivers such as torx, torx plus, hexagon combination, etc. each with unique abilities and specifications to support difficult jobs.