1000 VDE Heavy Duty Side Cutter Suppliers In  Dubai

The VDE heavy-duty side cutters were put through rigorous high voltage tests in accordance with EN 60900:2012 and are made of chrome vanadium steel. When working on live electrical cables at voltages of up to 1,000 volts AC, any VDE-rated tools can be used safely. With an induction hardened cutting blade for improved cutting and a high leverage design, these heavy-duty side cutters need less effort to cut. Long-term lengthening of several cables and wires demands a lot of force and puts a lot of pressure on the wrists. Heavy-duty side cutters with a two-part handle offer simple cutting for tough use. When cutting, the heavy-duty side cutter guarantees that hand force is delivered as efficiently as possible, resulting in up to 40% more cutting force. The pliers' high-quality chrome-plated surface offers rust resistance, assuring a long service life. These powerful diagonal cutters make the perfect instrument for use in electrical applications. Aatco Dubai is one of the leading 1000 vde heavy duty side cutter suppliers in Dubai presenting the most authentic and reliable product with all its safety features to facilitate safety in working in high-risk areas.