Helicoil Supplier In Dubai

A Helicoil wire is a form of coiled wire thread repair insert used to make internal screw threads for fasteners of regular sizes. A Helicoil, as its name suggests, is a stainless steel wire that has been helically connected and has a diamond-shaped formed section. The wire's cross-section makes it possible for the wire's exterior to screw into the housing's receiving threads during installation. In addition to STI taps, gauges, and tang break-off tools, Heli-Coil offers a full line of tooling, including hand, mechanical, and electrical installation tools. A variety of materials are available for free running and screw-lock Inserts to meet the requirements of various applications. 

When it comes to quality and performance, Heli-Coil products are relied upon in the aircraft industry, electronics, automobile, telecommunications, and defense sectors. Its durability, reduced thread friction, and wear resistance maximizes its utility. It's considered perfect for lightweight construction as it combines minimum spatial requirements with high load capacity. As the authentic Helicoil supplier in Dubai, we at Aatco Dubai are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality products that will completely satisfy them. We make sure that all of our employees have a responsibility to uphold high standards of quality and safety. Our firm is committed to maintaining standards and to ensuring the essential quality control to satisfy our clients