Impact Screwdriver Bit Suppliers In Dubai

Impact Screwdriver bits are tools to drive in screws and other such fastening heads. They are designed to be resilient and last for a long to in order to retain their shape. A well-shaped and well-kept screwdriver bit is important to avoid stripping the screw heads into pieces. They typically come in many sizes and shapes to work on screws of different shapes. They are compatible for use with Screwdrivers with Impact mode. The impact bits are specifically designed to withstand high torque in order to finish the job quickly without damaging the surface area. Aatco Dubai is one of the leading impact screwdriver bit suppliers in Dubai with a huge variety of impact bits. These bits also come with magnetic sleeves to minimize wobbling and drops during work. The shock-resistant steel provides them great strength to withstand higher torque pressure for a longer period. You can find several sets of impact driver bits featuring a different number of pieces such as from 20 to up to 100 pieces a set. The more specialized set can also feature five to six pieces a set. You can get the impact bit driver tool set at Aatco Dubai according to your need and nature of work.