Magnetic Bits Suppliers In Dubai

Even though the vast majority of screwdriver bits are compatible with impact drills, to complete the demolition and any other jobs requiring you to tighten conventional or self-tapping screws, you will need to equip your power tool with specialized tips. These tips can help you tighten screws using a self-tapping driver; request Aatco General Trading LLC magnetic bits suppliers in Dubaifor the best Magnetic bits sets. These are bits and magnetic holders, both of which are devices that have a cross-head and are designed to retain a screw. Afterward, it can be readily twisted in plasterboard, wood, plastic, or metal. Other materials may also be used; we have a wide selection of quality magnetic drill bits available from us, including Tungsten Carbide, Magnetic Drill Bits Long Series or Core Drills, Pilot Pin, or Ejector. Deliveries are available to all areas of the UAE. Choose bit sets that include not just magnetic screwdriver bit holders but also nut drivers, drill bits, and screwdriver bits of various sizes, all of which are housed in a sturdy case. Our prices that can't be surpassed, Aatco General Trading LLC magnetic bits suppliers in Dubai sell driving and impact bits with features ranging from high speed to shock absorption suitable for any application.