R-Go Xl Tool Set Suppliers In Dubai

R-Go is an ergonomic and mobile toolset developed by the reputable German toolset company Felo. It is based on a ratchet accompanied by a unique Ergonic handle. It is perfectly manufactured with the right amount of hardened surface. The complete set features were carefully chosen components to offer more practical solutions. The various types of extensions and adapters in the set are perfect to be used with a certain power tool to work on a difficult project. What makes the set ideal is that it is quite a compact shape and can be picked up easily. You can find the authentic r-go toolset at Aatco. We are one of the leading r-go xl tool set suppliers in Dubai. What makes the r-go toolset a most demanded product is its adaptability to the users’ hand thus providing complete control over the product while ensuring maximum comfort. What’s more, is that the entire components of the r-go ratchet are laced with patent ERGONIC technology which makes them super handy and comfortable. You can find the r-go tool set at Aatco as we are the leading r-go tool set suppliers in Dubai.