Screw Hole Punch Suppliers In Dubai

We are screw hole punch suppliers in Dubai; this product is ideal for switchgear makers, electricians, plumbers, industries, and handicrafts. Sheet steel, stainless steel sheets, nonferrous and light metals, and polymers are all suitable. Allows for the quick, easy, clean, and burr-free cutting of holes in thin materials with only a few straightforward actions. The three-point cut offers an enhanced contact and, therefore, less distortion of the punched sections, protecting the draw-in bolt from any damage. The draw-in bolt's ball bearing between itself and the die plate makes handling even more straightforward and expedient, decreasing the required force by around 67 percent. It works exceptionally well when combined with spanners, as well as hand- or foot-operated hydraulic punches. They are ideally used in V2A sheets up to 1.5 millimeters thick, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and stainless steel. The thicknesses of the sheet metal can be increased, but this comes at the expense of the screws. Especially well-suited for burr-free punching that is also clean, smooth, and fast. Contact Aatco General Trading LLC, screw hole punch suppliers in Dubai, if you have any additional questions.