Sheet Metal Punch Suppliers In Dubai

Even though it's one of the oldest and most developed technologies in the field of metal manufacturing, the punch press is nevertheless one of the least well understood. Because of advancements in machinery and tooling, the punch press has evolved into the Swiss army knife of the fabrication industry. It can make a few holes here and there or create a thick perforation all over the surface. It cuts large panels; in certain instances, it bends several inches high flanges, in addition to forming louvers, embosses, and other intricate designs. We are sheet metal punch suppliers in Dubai,offering all kinds of punches for various applications.

Punching Tool for Sheet Metal, Metric

Cut holes in the sheet metal of up to 16 gauge thickness with a sheet metal punch that is easy to use. Because of the unique design, cutting can be done with an even load, resulting in a burr-free hole that does not require additional finishing. Cutting edges that have been heat-treated and finished with an anti-corrosive black coating prevents rusting. Each punch is sold individually and does not come with a key; the key must be purchased separately. Followed by inserting the hexagonal screw through the hole, you need first to thread the punch onto the hexagonal screw. After positioning the die, so it is sitting above the die nut, proceed to tighten it onto the protruding hexagonal screw until it is in contact with the metal sheet. To turn the hexagonal screw, you will need a key with a hexagonal shape. The punch will be pulled into the metal by the screw, which will create a hole in the material. Please remember that these rules only apply to cutters up to 15 millimeters in size. Cutter sizes of 15 millimeters or more have a different shapes. Because the thread is built into the punch of the larger cutters, there is no need for a die nut because these cutters have fewer parts overall.

Square Sheet Metal Punch

The unique design keeps the load even while cutting and makes a hole without burrs that don't need extra work. The black, anti-corrosive finish on the cutting edges keeps them from rusting.