Torsion Screwdriver Bit Suppliers In Dubai

Torsion bits are the blade of a special kind of screwdriver that are developed to withstand heavy duty of impact driving. They are ideal to use in challenging situations to drive more screws and last for a long period. Whether you are using the torsion bit by hand, attached to a torque drill, or a high torque impact handle, the torsion bit ensures the best performance. Between the hardened tip and shank, it has a special torsion zone that is designed to flex slightly offering more impact and durability. As the use of screwdrivers has increased over time across industries, the screwdrivers are being introduced with more variation to deal with high-impact jobs. The high-impact bits, such as torsion bits, are widely used to withstand the pressure of a powerful drill that a standard screwdriver can’t handle. Unlike standard bits that are susceptible to stripping if pressure is applied, torsion bits are designed to withstand unexpected jolts without snapping into pieces. If you are looking for torsion screwdriver bits set in UAE, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Aatco. We are one of the largest torsion screwdriver bit suppliers in Dubai.