Tube And Sheet Drills

Tube and sheet drills can be spiral or straight fluted, depending on the user's preference. The unique three-surface shank permits an exceptionally high level of torque transmission, prevents slippage in the chuck, and, as a result, offers a substantially more effective cutting performance.

The specialized BLUE-DUR coating and the TiN-GOLD coating are offered for purchase for all step drills and sheet and tube drills. Tool coatings are highly recommended for drilling through complex materials such as stainless steel and drilling without lubricating or cutting oil because of the considerable improvement in tool life. 
Step, sheet, and tube drills are all built of high-alloy steel and may achieve a hardness of up to 68 HRC. They also come equipped with laser-cut diameter markings in the spiral.

Step, tube and sheet drills are designed to ensure a clean cut, prevent the material from catching on the drill, reduce the burrs produced, and extend the tool's life. 

To create holes in sheet metal and other materials with thin walls free of debris. The Cnc cutting geometry is efficient, there is no need for a pre-drilled pilot hole, and the diameter of the final hole may be adjusted infinitely within the range of each drill's capabilities depending on the amount of feed.

Characteristics and Advantages
  1. Construction with high-speed steel for increased longevity of the tool 
  2. A cutting shape that maximizes efficiency for enhanced machining performance 
  3. Capable of producing holes in materials with thin walls that are spotless and accurate

Common Uses and Applications

Sheet metal