Volt, Mains Testing Screwdriver Suppliers In Dubai

volt testing screwdriver suppliers in Dubai

 While working on high-powered power lines, or electronic devices, it is important to check if the object is electrified i.e. if the electricity is being passed through the wire/cable. To check the power supply, the easier way is to use a volt-testing screwdriver. If the voltage is passing through the wire, the light in the screwdriver will blink. The insulated tester offers complete protection without passing the electrical current to the user. The volt-tester is widely used to operate on fuses, microwave short circuits, main sockets, cable tracking, leakages, bulbs, and so on. At Aatco, we are the most reputable volt testing screwdriver suppliers in Dubai offering the most dependable drivers to be used to finish electrical jobs. We have different varieties of volt-testing screwdrivers with complete insulation to use for different purposes. To use a volt-tester, touch the tip of the screwdriver with the surface that needs to be checked. Place your thumb on the metallic screwcap. If the current is present at that particular point, you will see the neon light glowing up. The light will not glow in case of the absence of current. The brighter neon light indicates the strong presence of the current. In case of confusion, try checking a circuit that has a power supply available.