Wood Drill Bit Suppliers In Dubai

Aatco General Trading LLC wood drill bit suppliers in Dubai maintain a vast and versatile inventory for using wood drill bits, allowing for quick drilling through various species and types of wood, with a little force required. You can finish your task to a high standard and in a reasonable amount of time since drill bits for wood are available in various types and sizes, each of which corresponds to a specific size hole that needs to be bored. Some come equipped with a pointed tip that facilitates the beginning of the drilling operation by preventing the bit from wandering about. Making sure you have a sharp bit and applying the appropriate amount of pressure can help you maintain a smooth cutting movement while lowering the likelihood that the wood will split. You will have access to a diverse selection of high-quality products from reputable manufacturers that you can rely on.


The double chamfer enables an accurate lead in the drilling hole to be achieved, even at shallow drilling depths, and it prevents chips from becoming caught between the drill bit and the hole walls. These drill bits are ideal for drilling plug holes and other holes in fiberboard, plywood, pine, beech, oak, and other soft and hard wood types. The carefully ground cutting blades on the shoulder produce cylindrical and tear-free holes.